Our Factory

Our Factory

ELGHAZALY Factory is a facility located in Bilbies industrial zone, besides about the same area reserved for future expansion. The factory’s equipment mainly consist of Automatic / Semiautomatic cutting, bending, drilling and welding machinery.

Such machines are in a very good shape as 20% of equipment are 4-10 years old, 60% are 2-3 years old and remaining machines have been completely renewed or purchased within the last couple of years.
CNC Cutting tables, CNC Plate Drilling Machines and Semi Autornatic Beam Welding Lines are used to achieve the desired accuracy.

In addition to that, CNC Beam Cutting and Drilling lines, CNC Angle Cutting, Punching and Marking Lines are used with hot rolled sections.
The factory keeps an adequate track record of maintenance resulting in increasing equipment availability.
Workshops are equipped with overhead cranes of appropriate capacity.


Check out the below list of modern and latest machines that used at our factory with latest technologies