What we do

ELGHAZALY organized in two main divisions and three supporting departments. The main divisions are Steel Structure Manufacturing companies and Contracting companies.

The supporting departments are: The Engineering Office, Quality Management department and Financing and Administration department. Each division is headed by a manager reporting directly to the chairman and managing director of ELGHAZALY.
The steel structure manufacturing division accounts for about 67% of ELGHAZALY annual turnover, while the contracting division accounts for 33%

Design Works

We provide a full design engineering firm, offering a high level of expertise in design engineering and construction for your project by an elite of specialized engineers in design and construction fields

Civil Works

We have a full capability to provide all civil and construction works and construction of environments such as roads, buildings, water reservoirs, subdivisions, airports, bridges, tunnels...etc

Steel Works

In our factory, we have latest technology and machines for design and formation services for all steel works starting from forming till implementing major projects such as bridges, trusses, hangars and factories

General Contracting

we offer wide contracting services for bid and negotiated bid projects that can turn your ideas, designs, and plans into a solid building beneath your feet. We work closely over your design to efficiently execute your plan

Caravans & Panels

We have a distinguished team of engineers and technicians who have the ability to implement and install caravans and panels that equipped for all projects for the convenience of your team as per your needs


Offering a wide range of technical services leaded by an elite of highly qualified consultants and technical engineers, expertise in all fields for all projects covering major disciplines of design and construction supervision

Extra Work

Get Special Service

As you are free to customize your request to be fulfilled as per your need, you can send us your inquiries and our engineers are ready for you to supply the proper services as per your requirements.

So please feel free to use the below link to fill the quotation request form with all your needs to be able to provide the proper service.